Stocking Fillers Galore!

Good evening all ,
I was recently thinking how differently we all do for the Santa Claus / Father Christmas thing. When I was a little person, I had a pillowcase placed at the bottom of the bed. I was extremely excited as I unwrapped the many small gifts like soaps, hair ties, pencils, erasers, key rings, chocolates and asatsuma. Yes, I know they are called mandarins here in Australia, but after all – I did grow up in the UK!
So when my eldest was born, I carried on this tradition – keeping the majority of gifts small, with one larger gift from us. My other half is an Aussie born and bred, and looked on in horror as he saw what had arrived in Santa’s sack. “That’s very mean!” he cried. He was used to Santa providing the big gifts. We eventually found a compromise as time went on, and I started to look for fewer better quality gifts and bulked it up with fruit and chocolate.
Kat & Fox have great gifts in their range that are ideal for stocking fillers. I would recommend the Bird Boy and Wren children’s book, colouring book , colouring tubes and our pillowcase range that Santa can make a choice from! Remember we have tried to make your life so easy by offering FREE shipping and gift-wrapping. There is no need to worry. Just click here place your order and we do the rest. Happy Holidays!
Speak soon,
Kat x
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