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Top 5 tips for making kids bedtime stress free..

I bloomin’ know how bedtime can be a stomach-churning experience. LBH if you are well planned and prepared it really can work. As long as you can be calm and be in the right mindset this will work (I PROMISE)

HERE I have created my top five tips on…“How to set the scene for making kids bedtime stress free”


Bright light over stimulating their senses, so for bedtime stories, you’ll need enough light to read by low enough for the feeling of candlelight…preparing them for sleepy time. Bedside lamps 15W are perfect…Diffused light is better than some lampshades where the light is directed up and down…too bright. Torches can be fun too…especially when you read to them under the covers…


soft string lights add pops of colour and soft ambience at night


Use plump pillows and cushions that create a feel of a story nook for reading to them. Often getting them involved in decorating their rooms, or selecting the bed-linen can help them to feel positive about their own spaces.  They will want to go to bed.

Plump cushions add lots of colour.


Make sure that the room temperature is just right. The Bed linen you choose needs to be 100% cotton, this is breathable and your child will not overheat during the night. Some brands of children’s bed linen prefer to use Polyester/cotton blends, might be a cheaper option, but be careful do you really want your child to sleep under a plastic bag all night?



yes keep the mood calm remember kids love cubbies, picture books with bold colourful illustrations, feeling protected and safe. Sometimes I drape LMFC’s flat sheet, hook it to the top of the blind, and fashion a bed canopy over the top end of her bed. I encourage her to choose three of her cuddly friends to join us for story time, leaping into the world of her beautiful imagination and dreams.

Ava love’s making cubbies over her bed.


climb in under the covers snuggle in tight with two or three books and begin sharing that special moment. I urge you to giggle, chatter about the pictures and NEVER forget to end with cuddles, kisses and “Sleep tight my sweet, love you my darling”

Kids bedtime routines

Me sharing a special moment with Little Miss Foxy…


Please feel free to add in the comments your own tips to share…


About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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Colouring book freebie

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cot to bed

Transitioning your little one from a cot to a bed?

Little Miss Foxy Cub the last of my three babies was two when she transitioned from the cot to a single bed. Previous traumatic attempts with my boys had left a bad taste… Like me, Little Miss Foxy was a nervous but determined little girl in comparison to her bolshy older brothers!

Knowing this and with my super power of recounting incidents from my past, I had to be cautious. One million years ago I recall being terrified as I was dumped in a big bed for the first time, my parents engaged in a crude sink or swim method of transition.

This left little me afraid of the dark; gripping onto my parents for dear life and repeatedly escaping downstairs nightly…drove my poor parents batty!  I’ll be brutally honest I don’t have the patience for that bull crap adding to that I am very selfish and enjoy the ME time!! Kid FREE time.


SO now let me share what I chose to do with LMFC in five FOXERTASTIC tips:


 So much newness in their little lives. Pick a time where nothing like the birth of a new baby, moving house, death in the family, divorce or illness is an occurrence. Two to three years old is when they are ready and starting to scramble out of their cot.

TIP (2) PREPARE THEM or suffer

Show them how their little buddies are now in big beds. This excites them making it an adventure to be had!

TIP (3) SET A ROUTINE or drive yourself to drink

I favour bath time, snuggles on the sofa, teeth clean, that all-important storybook, one butterfly kiss, three nose rubs and a huggle! “Sleep tight…see you in the morning when the dogs are yawning”

TIP (4) SLOWLY WINS THE RACE step it out…

  • Step (1) One side of cot is removed
  • Step (2) Transition into a toddler bed and for familiarity keep it in the same spot as the cot was.
  • Step (3) Toddler beds can extend to the size of a full single. Do retain the familiar cot sized quilt, as a single tends to slip off in the night as too big for little-sized bodies. (Based on experience)
  • Step (4) Finally introduce their long-term bed.


TIP (5) MAKE THE ROOM A SPACE THEY LOVE not a bland prison cell.

Ensure their room is engaging and kid focused. Surround them with everything they love. Select quality bed linen that will move with them from cot through to single bed. Create calming and cosy spaces to help them to calm enough to relax into that all important sleep time.

LMFC sleep tight baby girl xxxx


Please feel free to add in the comments your own tips to share…

About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news, freebies and content from Kat & Fox, be sure to sign up to our E Newsletter. Don’t stress we won’t bombard your inbox with a thousand and one emails but we will be sure to keep you informed!

Ps. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to be inspired every day.

Colouring book freebie

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Friday Win!

So here I am scrolling my way through social media earlier in the week when I get this phone call from Kat, she is calling to give me the all clear that we have been accepted to go onto The Block Shop and it is time to set it all up….. I was ready to scream I was that excited!
I am a HUGE fan of The Block and just before Christmas I suggested we contact The Block Shop to see if we could get on there. What’s the worst that can happen right? Well turns out they LOVED our products and couldn’t wait for the samples to come through to them so they could check it out in the flesh.
It felt like we had been waiting FOREVER to get a reply from them but it was actually no time at all, I am just super impatient especially when it comes to exciting things like this. I have been told I am worse then a kid!
Straight after the phone call I got to work and set it all up, the next day it was all Live and we were to proud of what we had achieved it was crazy. I mean we are a small 2 man or should I say woman business from Albury / Wodonga and now we are on The Block Shop! If this doesn’t feel like a dream come true then I don’t know what does… Well until today that is!

I jumped onto our socials as I usually do every morning and checked our tagged posts. To my disbelieve The Block Shop had posted a beautiful image of our products taken by the incredibly talented Jade from J.T Photography and done a lovely tag to let the nation know we are now on their store! I messaged Kat as quickly as I could to fill her in on this super doper exciting news and she couldn’t believe it either. The Block Shop is posting photos of our product…. WOW!!

I thought to myself ‘ I will just hop onto their website to check it out’ this would seriously have to be the 100th time in the last 2 days..I think I have a problem.
To my dis believe we are on their home page. Kat & Fox is on the Block Shops home page! This day seriously could not get any better, so I thought. I head over to my emails and an ad for The Block Shop pops up in the side bar. I take a little look as I usually do to see if there is anything interesting and what do you know, the entire Kat & Fox product range is in that ad!

16473040_1297930990293331_4388789606332159140_n                     16388375_1297931000293330_8226913145779882099_n

By now I think I could jump on the bed, dance for 5 hours and scull a bottle of champas to celebrate but its only 10.30am and that wouldn’t really be socially acceptable. So I keep my cool (kind of) and message Kat some snaps and fill her in on the exciting news. A few minutes later I get a phone call and as soon as I pick up all I get is ‘No Fucking Way!!! THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGG’ then of course a little scream to top it all off. We just cannot believe how amazing our Friday has been… How was yours?

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Product Launch December 2016

Hi All,

We would like to do a little debrief of our incredible product launch for all of you beautiful souls that could not be there! What a day it was and without the support of so many people we would not have been able to pull it off like we did.

Our morning started at the crack of dawn packing cars with so much products, props and other items that we could hardly close the doors and boot! In fact, we almost didn’t fit the products in 2 cars! But with every unpack and re pack we got that little bit closer until we could FINALLY closed the boot.

We arrived to the beautiful Pour Mes Amis (PMA) and couldn’t find a car park so we created our own! Backing the cars between the bollards so we could unpack as swiftly as possible we were on fire running between the shop and the cars. The incredible girls at PMA did all they could to help and the on lookers would have seriously thought we were insane… Well in a way we are insane!
So once all of our bits and bobs were out we grabbed the closest car park we could. Running like mad chooks with our heads chopped off and in our daggiest clothing which is not ideal for a boutique store might I add, we got back and started the set up.

Pulling items out of boxes and tubs like a Marry Poppins bag we had no idea where to even start. So we put everything back in their places and decided we probably should build the cot and bed! Yep that’s right we had a cot and bed to build… Thanks to the guys over at Fantastic Furniture Albury we had the funkiest bed to go with our bespoke linen. As for the cot, our beautiful friend lent us this and for everyone asking it was from IKEA.

We finally got our bed and cot built, put all the linen on and they were ready for styling. We stepped back to check out our work of art and thought ‘this really needs to be ironed’. With no iron on stand by we pulled everything back off the bed and cot and resorted to the good ol’ steamer to get the linen looking as slick as possible. We popped it all back on, added some stunning styling to the display from PMA and we were ready to go and get ready for our evening launch!

Upon our late arrival we had platters to create, wine to cool and food to set up! It was all hands on deck with some of our closest supporters stepping in and helping out…You guys are champions! Once everything was in place, we poured ourselves a glass of wine, said cheers and got our mingle on. We absolutely loved chatting with each and every one of you. Spending the evening with such wonderful vibes and great people really made this event so special for us. Unfortunately our incredible website designer could not make it and we would have loved you to meet the superwoman behind our stunning website. However the night had to proceed and with a speech, some live Facebook feeds and many photos later we realised it was almost time to pack up and head home.

We had such a fantastic night eating plenty of food, sipping on wine, chatting to everyone, selling you all our new stock and we hope you enjoy Kat & Fox as much as we do. A special shout out to Pour Mes Amis and all of your team, thank you so much for supporting us and allowing us to join forces for this great shopping evening. Also a HUGE thank you to every single person that helped throughout the evening, leading up to the event and everyone for purchasing our products.

We are super excited for all of you to see our products out in stores and we cannot wait to see it in your homes.

Big Hugs,

Kat & Jordyn xx


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My crazy day!

So lets talk about the fact that writing blogs can be very hard… I mean, coming up with topics that will amuse or inspire others sure is challenging. I realise that as the founder of Kat & Fox I have been very slack of late. To be honest life has been crazy. Well a whirlwind in fact! I love amusing stories that lift the soul!

Today was especially a pearler, so I just had to share it with you all. As you would all know, we are finalist in the prestigious ‘Life In Style’ GALA awards and today was the deadline for sending through all of our Kat & Fox vibrant products. This insane day channelled me into an experience taken from a 1960’s slapstick movie.

In typical mumpreneur style, my day started at 6am. One hour work time, one hour mummy time…fifteen minutes self time…rush to work, phone calls in the car.. stop off to make sure my 2IC Jordyn is coping with the Christmas photo shoot while I rush to fifty million daily meetings. The alarm goes off on my phone..BEEP BEEP…reminder: pack and send products to ‘Life In Style’.

Well, as usual, the meeting dragged on and I was fifteen minutes behind my carefully planned out schedule. As I rushed to the car aware of the 5pm dead line of when the truck would depart the depo a knot tightened in my stomach. The mission to send all my samples through for the ‘Life In Style’ judging in Sydney had officially started.

I raced home grabbed the additional samples, popped into the local printer for the swing tags, darted into a local store and grabbed a frame for the poster. Now it was time to transport myself to the depo. As I arrived I was asked ‘do you have an account with us?’ Oh my god! I hadn’t created an account! Then they tell me it’s a two week waiting time for account approval…No way, I haven’t got two weeks to wait…I have to have this package to Sydney by the next morning???? TOMMOROW!!!!

Lets back track this morning I had decided that no longer was I going to live constantly in state of high stress (well, try anyway) I had decided to be more mindful… You can tell that this was working out well for me ..NOT!!! I was pretty good until I hit the depo. The familiar feeling…you know a rush of heat to your face, heart starts to pump faster…

‘YOU must help me’ I screeched at Lindsey the very calm depo guy!!! Well, he really was a gem. He found me a solution, another local depo that had an account… The crazy thing is I had to then jump back into my car, drive across town at 4.15pm to another depo where in a fluster of sticky tape and plastic I packaged all my goods, weighed and addressed them. Thank god for the miraculous lady who helped me! I mean, I was a headless chook at this stage

Where are my keys?…oh what you want me to grab the sticky tape what’s the address?…oh no where’s my phone???’

Off I went back to the other depo smell of burning rubber in the air, screeching to a halt as the gravel settled around me…what a dramatic entrance. I had managed to stop the truck in its tracks and throw my package on board!!! PHEW!!

I can’t believe that we actually managed to wrap, label and deliver the package to the truck one minute prior to departure at 5 pm!!!!

Thank F$#% that is over! I felt this massive sense of satisfaction!!! I made it!!!!

Another enormous obstacle I have overcome!!!

Sweating like I had just run a marathon, I departed the depo feeling a huge sense of relief. As I headed home I journeyed to my local ALDI store, it was time to chill…phew…as I walked the immaculately clean air conditioned new store isles my heart rate slowed… AHHHHH I can breath.. In..out… and then I went straight to the wine! Here I found my clarifying moment…”Go home mad lady.. sit relax, have a drink (or 5) and reflect on the wondrousness’ of the Kat & fox journey.”

Do any of you have days like this???????

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