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Kat & Fox is the dream of founder Kat Rattray, an interior designer and design educator. After many years of lovingly reading to her own children, Kat is now combining her skill in illustration with her passion for children’s literature and interior decoration.

little miss foxy and I


I was a true creative entrepreneur from the moment I drew my first breath…it was loud and all about me!!!


I was what you would call a HYPERACTIVE type of child…my parents blamed food colouring and washing powder???? Well, what knowledge was there back in the dark ages??? The only way my dear Mumsi and Dadsi could calm their dear angel was to give into my relentless requests for ‘Felt tip pens’ (yes I’m a POM) and colouring-in books of Disney characters.


To everyone’s astonishment, the world became a calm and happy place…Kat was under control. I was also like this with storybooks. I even remember spending hours pouring over the pages of ‘The Girls’ annual from 1950 that my mother had owned.  I can even tell you the exact illustration that would stop me in my tracks; there were a vibrant array of fairies and elves… hundreds of them…a bit like what you see with the ‘Where’s Wally ’ phenomenon.


Artistic pursuits started as a control measure in the eyes of my parents through constant encouragement this grew from a small flame to a raging fire…a passion inside me. It took me from uni years studying both fine arts and Interior design, then finding employment in an architects practice to travelling around the world and ending up meeting my true love and settling in Australia to start a family.



My beautiful babies, each one of the three treasures bought me super powers and gifts…they shoved me towards finding my inner truth and giving me the confidence to step out alone as a creative, in the form of an illustrator and an interior designer.


In 2010 my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so I flew to the UK to help my Mum out. During that time I sat with him daily …it was sometimes very uncomfortable as he could barely speak and even I could find the right topic to fill the void. Finally, the silence was broken when he picked up a pen and paper handed to me and said in his load drawn tone ‘DRAW…DRAW for me’. I looked around panicked desperate for inspiration…I mean it had been years since I had drawn … this was the start. I drew kites, leaves…balloons, paper planes anything that was positive and floated …I unearthed an old water colour set of mine and started to apply colour…so much colour. My Dad’s face glowed with pride…even through the pain, I could bring him joy.


My pencil has not left the paper since then…hence finding my way into children’s book illustration, along side my interior designing and teaching. I explored combining all this into illustrations that made patterns adding so much colour and letting it all flow into a child’s special space, building the ability in them to dream and strive surrounded by love and colourful positivity.

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At Kat & Fox our aim is to inspire children to read and play. Like the characters in the stories, they love to dance out of their books and into their bedrooms – just like in Maurice Sendacks’s book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Our Business

Kat & Fox is an Australian-based company that designs and creates high quality, low-allergen décor collections for children’s bedrooms. The Kat & Fox bespoke product range is inspired by their own beautifully written and illustrated children’s picture books.

Our Collections

The team at Kat & Fox develop a new collection every twelve months, adding both new children’s book, complimentary furnishings and colouristic activities. The beauty of the products is that they can be mixed and matched to create a magical world that is unique to each little person’s dream. It’s all about creating those magical memories shared between parent and child, enhanced by their colourful surrounds.

The Kat & Fox team are busy working on new products that they look forward to sharing with you in the near future. This will be through collaborating with other Australian/New Zealand small brands and bringing further whimsical designs to the table. SO watch this space….

Our Promise

Kat & Fox will continue to produce quality products and building positive learning experience for children young and old.

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We hope you and your children relish our stories and characters as much as we have in creating them!

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