Do you sometimes feel that life gives you one big LEMON?

You know the old saying….

lemon, qoute, lemonade


Do you wonder what this lemon quote actually means and how this relates to your own life????

The truth is this pearler of a quote was mentioned to me the other day by a good friend pertaining to my own personal situation at present. I found myself thinking WTF??? Lemons? Lemonade? Before I could break it down she was off!

This is how I relate to this…

Lemons are equal to fuck wittery people, situations and events. So what you need to do is accept this and turn it into your gold…a positive…yea take a negative work with it and turn this into a positive. How does that sound to you? YES? In agreement! Good!

Recently I won an award. I received the silver Ausmumpreneur award for network excellence. Meaning I have strong ability to connect with others through Kat & Fox, sharing ideas, offering support and collaborating…are you clear? GOOD.

aus mumprneur

This was such a great experience I got to spend two whole days with extraordinary women/mums in business who all have a passion to make a dream come true and make a difference with what they are created. The strength I felt in those two days was indescribable, a world away from school runs, nits and tantrums. This was a chance for me to be me. SO life was great, Kat & Fox steaming ahead kicking goals and a clear future was evident for me. I made new connections and even discussed the opportunity for my next collection and book, found ways to add more meaning to the brand…my mind was buzzing I felt truly on fire.   UNTIL…

A massive bloody lemon was chucked my way the day after my win….

I left for the awards, a mother, a wife and business owner. I returned a mother and a business owner…BIG LEMON! So when curve balls or lemons are thrown your way you fall, you fall hard, well I did and now two weeks later I am starting to work on making the lemonade. I honestly believe even though my life has been turned upside down, and my brain is like the slime we make for our little ones I am free and I even see a glimmer on the horizon.

So now off I go to squeeze the fuck out of my bucket of lemons and make some damn fine lemonade!!!!



About the Kat & Fox founder

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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