A Little Birdie Told Me Colouring Book

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Our colouring book has been lovingly created to inspire your little foxes to create their own colour combinations and artwork! The images are inspired by the illustrations in our picture book, Bird boy & Wren, and feature illustrations from across our bed linen range. It’s be designed to be small to suite little hands and fit perfectly in any handbag keeping them entertained in cafe’s restaurants and waiting room.  Oh yes, let’s add that it has perforated pages for ease of removing and hanging up in your home with pride…

Can be bought separately, or comes slipped into the front pocket of the book bags delivered with our single and double quilt cover sets.

Size: 18 x 14cm


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  1. So happy that we bought this it hs kept master P quiet and happy for long periods of time…plus the illustrations are so much fun!!

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