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ImPERFECT interiors make PERFECT homes…

We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful on trend homes!!…Are you like me an obsessive collector of glossy interior magazines that set the benchmark of how your home should be??? Why do we set ourselves up for disappointment…let’s get real most of these perfectly styled homes are never truly lived in its all for show… stop believing the grass is always greener and start to celebrate the homes we have, sticky finger prints and all. I urge you to follow a more genuine style where your home emanates personality and uncovers the story of you and your beautiful family. Therefore I believe imperfect interiors make perfect homes.


Kats slow style

Kats slow style


What about TREND?

Grey and everything dull is the latest and greatest!...How’s the DE saturated thing going for your kids???Really are we trying to raise mini adults fitting them into our sophisticated approach to interior décor?… I believe we should be nurturing and embracing the natural healthy development of our own creative kids by surrounding them with spaces that inspire and encourage genuine experiences. (Colour bombing)

A new approach…


Adding items to your home you gather along the way whilst your family grows makes for beautiful spaces…

So those of you with homes, kids, pets, all contusive of mania. I believe it is time for a new approach ….its an honest look at style mixed in with a humour and colour explosion. LBH life with kids is always epic, it’s always explosions, it’s always about finding the right balance and rebalancing. It’s us mamma’s working together to find the right solution. We need to have the confidence to be contented in a family friendly house, in organised mayhem.

Let’s call it SLOW style…

Make your style true to you and your family rather than the latest trend…. Let’s call it SLOW style…SLOW design…. This represents having a home that evolves with your family, a sustainable lifestyle. Leave space on the wall ready for your kid’s artworks…plan for the future…do not fill your house with cheap fast fashion and décor items for the sake of the latest disposable trend. It’s about forward thinking and being ready for those things that really mean something to your family and add sooo much value.


Slow conscientious life styling…let’s be HONEST let’s be REAL……

This blog emerged after a fabulous wine filled evening with my fellow creative friendie and mamma of small kidlets Pinky Wittingslow, Textile designer. We both live and breathe the SLOW DESIGN ethos. Our own homes are a (crazy) eclectic mix and match of colour, whimsical collectables and kids artwork…all added with love.

home style pinky

home style pinky

About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

Connect with Kat on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to be inspired every day.

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nits, itch, scratch

NITS & the 6 stages of……mental torture…


Can I ask you all a question??? Do little tiny wriggling creatures ever overwhelm you???? You know the ones? NITS…Nasty Idiots That Stink, infesting the hair of your children!  I DO! Let me explain, my Little Miss Foxy cub has been struck THREE times this summer!!!! FFS I feel like it is me against the millions. Leave us alone S*%#!heads!  I’d like to state enough is enough, NO MORE!!! The little b-tards are sucking the life out of me. Consequently over the past sixteen years, three kiddies later I have come to the revelation about…NITS & the 6 stages of…mental torture… this it is not too dissimilar to grieving or drug rehabilitation.



  • Stage (1)-OBSERVATION… You know that tight feeling you notice your little angel scratching their head. You know it don’t you?


  • Stage (2)-DENIAL…. NO, no nits here… clean as a whistle…”No sweetie when you stay at your cousin’s please don’t touch your head…Just don’t!!! Promise I’ll buy you some play dough!!!” To ensure this I seize the brush, conditioner, varnish hairspray and I proceed to scrape her tangled hair into the firmest French braid ever … Poor Little Miss Foxy with her tight and well-sealed helmet of hair…in fact, I would say that if I joined her my wrinkles would be gone and I could pass for thirty!!!
little miss foxy

Little miss foxy and I with HAIR everywhere!!!!

  • Stage (3)-DEPRESSION… The tingle has increased to an itch…MY F@#*ing head’s on fire… ME…..NOOOOOO!


  • Stage (4)-REVENGE …That’s it…. WAR…I need supplies. THE PHARMACY…my saving grace… What has happened???…With my first little darling, there were only two products on the market from the highly toxic to the gentle greenie type. NOW, now it’s a like a Pandora’s box of NIT delights …everyone has jumped onto the NIT phenomenon. Products that unstick the eggs, which smell nice and kill in seconds whilst frying your child’s scalp, leave in products that suffocate, yellow creams, small bottles of organic oils, natural allergy free and artificial with pretty bottles that are packaged into sets.   It doesn’t end there… the comb! Combs with three rows of metal teeth, bright coloured robotic plastic combs, even long handled and short combs??? OMG, I am so confused?? This is a situation for total overload resulting in Mama mental shutdown, It’s mental torture. The bright vivacious pharmacy assistant skidding up beside me brings me back to reality with a loud crack and proceeds to annoyingly kindly provide me with her wealth of NIT knowledge… … (WTF)…I can’t bear it anymore…SO I going for the most toxic…bad mother with the brightest packaging that’s on the shelf that promises DEATH instantaneously or that’s what I believe!


  • Stage (5)-THE ATTACK… There she is scratching away. There they are in their millions waiting, waiting for me to act. On goes the toxic lotion, in go the fingers …massage at high speed. Eyes are watering, tears falling, screams are heard. The shower cap on. Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc ten minutes later shower cap off. Into the shower shampoo on, shampoo off, conditioner in, more conditioner in. Eucalyptus oil in, massage, massage. Finally, comb time. Dragging the comb sharply through little Foxy’s hair is a two-hour manic procedure. My white Maxwell Williams bowl filled with water, tissues and my trusty three rows of metal teeth. YES, I am going to admit this but a bizarre sense of satisfaction has taken hold as the black dot like eggs increase in the bowl. Finally, they are gone or at least I thought?



Little Miss foxy’s Nit filled brush…

  • Stage (6)-RELIEF-Exhausted I repeat the whole procedure on mine and all the other heads in the family including Sadie our puppy. Boiled bed sheets hanging them out in the sun to dry following all of the condescending advice I been given by the sprightly eighteen-year-old assistant and Mr Google. Eight hours of NIT antics… It’s over, I can breathe, I have WON!!

Furthermore, I bet Beyoncé Knowles has never has had to deal with this shite herself. I tell you what Ivy Blue’s head of hair would pose a huge challenge for the three rows of metal teeth to scrape through.!!…

Guess what???? ……..One week on they are back!!!!!!!!

About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/

textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

Connect with Kat on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to be inspired every day.

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Friday Win!

So here I am scrolling my way through social media earlier in the week when I get this phone call from Kat, she is calling to give me the all clear that we have been accepted to go onto The Block Shop and it is time to set it all up….. I was ready to scream I was that excited!
I am a HUGE fan of The Block and just before Christmas I suggested we contact The Block Shop to see if we could get on there. What’s the worst that can happen right? Well turns out they LOVED our products and couldn’t wait for the samples to come through to them so they could check it out in the flesh.
It felt like we had been waiting FOREVER to get a reply from them but it was actually no time at all, I am just super impatient especially when it comes to exciting things like this. I have been told I am worse then a kid!
Straight after the phone call I got to work and set it all up, the next day it was all Live and we were to proud of what we had achieved it was crazy. I mean we are a small 2 man or should I say woman business from Albury / Wodonga and now we are on The Block Shop! If this doesn’t feel like a dream come true then I don’t know what does… Well until today that is!

I jumped onto our socials as I usually do every morning and checked our tagged posts. To my disbelieve The Block Shop had posted a beautiful image of our products taken by the incredibly talented Jade from J.T Photography and done a lovely tag to let the nation know we are now on their store! I messaged Kat as quickly as I could to fill her in on this super doper exciting news and she couldn’t believe it either. The Block Shop is posting photos of our product…. WOW!!

I thought to myself ‘ I will just hop onto their website to check it out’ this would seriously have to be the 100th time in the last 2 days..I think I have a problem.
To my dis believe we are on their home page. Kat & Fox is on the Block Shops home page! This day seriously could not get any better, so I thought. I head over to my emails and an ad for The Block Shop pops up in the side bar. I take a little look as I usually do to see if there is anything interesting and what do you know, the entire Kat & Fox product range is in that ad!

16473040_1297930990293331_4388789606332159140_n                     16388375_1297931000293330_8226913145779882099_n

By now I think I could jump on the bed, dance for 5 hours and scull a bottle of champas to celebrate but its only 10.30am and that wouldn’t really be socially acceptable. So I keep my cool (kind of) and message Kat some snaps and fill her in on the exciting news. A few minutes later I get a phone call and as soon as I pick up all I get is ‘No Fucking Way!!! THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGG’ then of course a little scream to top it all off. We just cannot believe how amazing our Friday has been… How was yours?

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