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SLOW STYLE ..what the Sh#*!e is it all about???.

SLOW STYLE what the Sh#*!e is it all about???  It’s about creating a livable home… a home that will grow with your family…

Years ago when I was at Uni and mere arty (farty) student I read a mind-blowing book called Dream House’ by Marzi Bisognin which used a highly descriptive language taking the reader into the world of a young girl visiting a friend’s home for the first time and how through exploring the home she uncovered layers about the family and who they were and what have happened in the home.

make sure you adhere to this...

make sure you adhere to this…



So let’s get to the point (if I can)… imagine walking through the front door of a home you have never visited prior. You stroll through the entrance hallway past the lounge room into the kitchen sit down and a (nice British blend) cup of tea is poured.

Without passing words, what can you tell me of your host??

Scenario one-The walls are white, fresh and blank. The floors slate grey with not a rug to be seen- the sofa is placed in a (contrived) perfect fashion with strategically (OCD) arranged books on the coffee table. Finally to the (sterility of the) kitchen and the only item that sits on the bench top being a glass fruit bowl adorned with (never eaten bet they are plastic) oranges adding that all-important POP of colour that’s oh so in…

Scenario two- through the door you notice the kid’s gumboots caked in mud, lined up of different sizes and colours, wall hooks overloaded with school bags of different shapes and sizes. The hallway showcases a variety of framed images, a mix of family snap shots, kids artwork and meaningful inspirational quotes…The lounge room is stacked with bright patterned cushions, throws and (snot caked) kids toys…all adding to wonder of the space…need I say more???

Let me ask you this… which of the scenarios makes you feel more comfortable and provides a true representation of the family and their story?

Which one is a home and which one is just a house?



yellow wellies home

Those wellies bring so much joy to our home…special memories and bright pops of colour…



I (the master of all that is interior) am a true believer that objects you bring into a home must have a sentimental feel and not just address throwaway fast fashion…

I could add a pair of my little Miss foxy cub’s yellow (mud caked) ‘Wellies’ into my home and make look awesome. Let’s all agree that seemingly random objects bursting at the seams with heartfelt memories can be pulled together with a good understanding of placement and arrangement principles. (Making delicious jam out of piggy doo doo)

This post hopefully can transport you into the world of the Kat & Fox collection being mix, match and flip designs with expressively drawn motifs. TBH it’s about having fun in your spaces, it’s the stories we tell and the inspiration we can provide rough edges and all.

Remember this is SLOW style…

Now if you enjoyed this post let me know what items you have in your home that you love and that you are unsure how to place…. I can help…and advise ???


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Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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