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Friday Win!

So here I am scrolling my way through social media earlier in the week when I get this phone call from Kat, she is calling to give me the all clear that we have been accepted to go onto The Block Shop and it is time to set it all up….. I was ready to scream I was that excited!
I am a HUGE fan of The Block and just before Christmas I suggested we contact The Block Shop to see if we could get on there. What’s the worst that can happen right? Well turns out they LOVED our products and couldn’t wait for the samples to come through to them so they could check it out in the flesh.
It felt like we had been waiting FOREVER to get a reply from them but it was actually no time at all, I am just super impatient especially when it comes to exciting things like this. I have been told I am worse then a kid!
Straight after the phone call I got to work and set it all up, the next day it was all Live and we were to proud of what we had achieved it was crazy. I mean we are a small 2 man or should I say woman business from Albury / Wodonga and now we are on The Block Shop! If this doesn’t feel like a dream come true then I don’t know what does… Well until today that is!

I jumped onto our socials as I usually do every morning and checked our tagged posts. To my disbelieve The Block Shop had posted a beautiful image of our products taken by the incredibly talented Jade from J.T Photography and done a lovely tag to let the nation know we are now on their store! I messaged Kat as quickly as I could to fill her in on this super doper exciting news and she couldn’t believe it either. The Block Shop is posting photos of our product…. WOW!!

I thought to myself ‘ I will just hop onto their website to check it out’ this would seriously have to be the 100th time in the last 2 days..I think I have a problem.
To my dis believe we are on their home page. Kat & Fox is on the Block Shops home page! This day seriously could not get any better, so I thought. I head over to my emails and an ad for The Block Shop pops up in the side bar. I take a little look as I usually do to see if there is anything interesting and what do you know, the entire Kat & Fox product range is in that ad!

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By now I think I could jump on the bed, dance for 5 hours and scull a bottle of champas to celebrate but its only 10.30am and that wouldn’t really be socially acceptable. So I keep my cool (kind of) and message Kat some snaps and fill her in on the exciting news. A few minutes later I get a phone call and as soon as I pick up all I get is ‘No Fucking Way!!! THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGG’ then of course a little scream to top it all off. We just cannot believe how amazing our Friday has been… How was yours?

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