aa Welcome! I create Characters for business owners to add a whimsical element to their brand.

Each Character is created with all the information you send…I tell the story of you and your brand.

You provide all the information from images of yourself, your branding, how you want to dress, and details of your environment. I take this information and formulate the best character I can to represent you as an authentic strong business person. As a business owner myself I value how laughter can break down barriers. It can attract the right clients and opportunities.  I take your character from a basic idea into digital Character for use in print and screen. So many possibilities…

How to use a Character in your business…

  • As a logo/branding
  • On your About ME page
  • Social media posts
  • Thank you cards
  • On your contact me page
  • On your blog page
  • Printed onto banners, posters, T-shirts for uniforms
  • Printed onto cards, and small gifting items to say thank you
  • And so much more….

PLUS we can organise the printing!

We can even organise one of our valued printers so that the products turn up at your door, taking the stress away.
We will send through a quote for you based on your specific requirements.

Bringing a smile through colour and line!