I wanted to take the time to introduce you to one of our beautiful brands that we are showcasing in the Kat & Fox shop...Clementine & Thread. I met the beautiful and creative Jo Campbell at the Life in Style trade show in Melbourne 2016 and just fell in love with her quirky key rings and felt ball Kits. At Kat & Fox we are looking to work with other brands that complement our range and C & T did just that. We adore the colours and the make and do feel of her unique products. Below are some answers to questions I sent to Jo so that you can get to know and love her and her products like we do!

What is the Name of your business and why that name?

Clementine & Thread. Why? I’ve always loved the name Clementine, and this business is my baby, so it seemed fitting to name it one of my baby names, ha! The thread came about because I wanted to acknowledge the textiles and embroidery nature of the business.

I run Clementine & Thread from my home studio in a sunny beachside town in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. We just moved back from Australia at the end of last year and we’ve spent most of the past decade being pretty nomadic, so we’re all looking forward to settling down!

 Tell us about your products?

I design, make and sell cleverly modern embroidery kits, fun felt garland and knitting kits, and delicious hand dyed luxe yarns – basically, my business is making gorgeous things so that my lovely customers can make gorgeous things, and get their craft on!

clementine and thread
Beautiful hand stitch embroidery Keyrings

Are you a mother? 

Yes! We (hubby Dave is part of the package!) have fantastic twins, Cole and Imogen, who are about to turn 11 in June. They are great fun, engaging, enthusiastic and awe-inspiring. I love their zest for life and cherish getting to take a front row seat as these amazing little humans encounter and shape their world. Parenting is such a wild ride…we are so fortunate to have a life filled with love and laughter and energy and kindness. And fart jokes and 10-year-old sarcasm.

family, colour, thread
Jo Campbell and her beautiful family

How do your products fit with the Kat & Fox range and which products are you selling through our shop?

Clementine & Thread is so excited to be offering fun wool felt ball garland kits through the shop, in exclusive colourways that have been designed specifically to play well with Kat & Fox linens. C&T is all about encouraging creativity and promoting the benefits of tactile activities, so it’s natural for us to team up with Kat & Fox who are also so clearly passionate about creativity and colour and fun!

clementine and thread
Hand rolled Felt ball Garlands


Kat & Fox love colour…how do you feel about colour?

C&T is all about colour! I often think of colour as the visual equivalent of our sense of smell…everyone perceived colours slightly differently, but for each of us, colours are so evocative and multifaceted. The distinct green of the lush NZ bush during the wet season, the hydrangeas in Nan’s backyard, the red of the rocking horse when you were tiny…each memory you have is overlaid with colours that help keep that memory alive for you. I find this – and people’s reactions to colours – fascinating. My desire is that the colours I layer on my yarns, and the shades I choose to include in my kits will help build memories for others.

Felt ball Garlands
hand rolled Felt ball garlands add so much colour to any space…

What tip can you leave about combining Mumma duties and building your own business?

It’s hard work. It’s awesome work, don’t get me wrong, but there’s often an element of hard slog to it all too, because each aspect of your life is demanding, and there’s only one of you! And that’s why it’s so important to try and be kind to yourself – there’s an awful lot of pressure to get everything ‘just so’ and to be perfect at everything all the time…and that kind of pressure just never ends well. I’m a firm believer in the old adage that you can have everything, just not necessarily all at the same time! I mean, this commonsense knowledge doesn’t stop me from trying to give it a red hot go, but I find I am much more content within myself when I remember to just be kind to myself…and to just enjoy the ride!

“I just want you to imagine adding these beautiful felt garlands to your little one’s space tying in oh so well with our Kat & Fox linen and cushions..the addition of bright pops of colour to enliven their spaces plus a bonus activity to share with them…building on those special childhood memories.” Kat

About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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Colouring book freebie