Recently when I was in Melbourne I attended a networking event. Here we were attentively listening to Nic from The Mama Sorority when suddenly a high pitched siren was affecting the focus. I realised that it was, in fact, coming from the handbag on the floor in front of me. As the mama in charge of said bag sunk her hand in to locate the culprit, a light bulb went off in my head for my next blog post. With this idea set, I met so many wonderful working mums and they were more that willing to scatter the contents of their bags on the floor for me to examine.

We carry these bags as statement pieces and we stuff them with so much crap… How many of you have found yourself sinking your hand into the depths of your bag desperately trying to locate your car keys only to find, lollies, tissues, toy cars? TBH at times, I can be so impatient I literally tip it onto the pavement to the amazement of people passing by and I don’t give a S*#t…

With all this in mind I would like to introduce you to four such women, all Mama’s two who like me have their own child-focused brands, one nearly there and one taking a break from her fast-paced marketing career to focus on family.

Prue Henschke and her handbag

MAMA’s Me time

Well me I’m a mum of two super energetic boys – aged 3.5 years and 16 months. My day job is as a lawyer and I write/blog for fun. Through my blog, I’m hoping to inspire mums to prioritise taking care of themselves – a personal challenge of mine and it seems lots of mums.

Since having children, big handbags are a must for me! I always seem to be given rocks, sticks, pine cones or toys my eldest swears he’ll carry but are passed off to me as soon as we leave the car/house.


The super bag

The few toys I have in my handbag are for those times I’m out trying to play grown up at a cafe and the boys are bored of playing with napkins, teaspoons and menus.

I have used the same style of pocket calendar for years but rarely use it now. I have no social life!   The earphones are for talking on the phone (I worry sometimes about frying my brain) and listening to podcasts (one of my favourite forms of me-time).  The sunnies are new but I’ve opted for less expensive ones than I’ve had in the past because if I’m honest I take appalling care of them.

The Banjo Carob chocolate is for me – if I’m having one of those days.

What does this say about this working mama?

Pinky Wittingslow and her handbag

Pickled Tink

I work from home as a textile artist whilst juggling mumming of two cheeky cherubs. My handbag is simple with a strap long enough to sling over my head and wear crosswise for those 200mtr toddler-weight-lifting school bell dashes. The weathered brown leather matches my trusty well-loved utility boots great for the workshop, studio and playground.

A bag so well loved..

My two-year-old potters around the studio with me or enjoys trips to The Hardware Store (note bolts) to gather supplies for making whatever craft tool I’m building that day. We do stop by parks randomly for nature walks…note the acorn my son smuggled in there. He’s only just cleared his pebble collection out. Tiny toys mean we have little friends to play with wherever we go.

an assortment of fun…

Sam Baker and her handbag

Life is crazy busy as a mother of two and working as an online lecturer in marketing from home. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my handbag is a well-worn vintage Louis Vuitton. Stylish but has certainly seen better days….a bit like its owner.

An aged Loui V

The contents reflect my daily life and I like to cull to keep things to a minimum. My favourite perfume Aerin Lauder, my phone, purse and makeup bag. Just the essentials. The colourful heart is a note for Mother’s Day from my son.

Sassy Mama loves her perfume…


Leanne Scaffaro and her handbag

Whats In That Box

Who am I? A busy working Mama who co- run’s a buisness with my friend Katie where we seek out unique, on-trend Australian made/designed baby items to gift loved ones in beautiful branded gift boxes.

I was very fortunate to have been given this beautiful handbag from my brother, all the way from his holiday to Spain.  The style of my bag pretty much sums me up. I love a bit of style, but classy and sexy fashion.

Sexy Spanish bag…

Of late since starting our business I have learnt to carry around my phone charger and these days my phone goes flat so quickly from constantly working from it. I also have a protein snack in my bag and I am totally OBSESSED with the bounce ones.  Got to have my water bottle with me and the essentials and a meditation cd to help calm the mind every now and then ✌🏻

Try to make time for meditation…..


As sexy sassy modern mama’s our handbags become our lifelines…

I’d like to ask you if have any of you funny stories pertaining to your handbags?  Like carrying around smelly nappies for days as you feel embarrassed to deposit them in your friend’s bin or eating half an apple and using your beautiful Chanel as a bin and being so busy you forget, one week later finding a strange smell emerging from the bag? Sounds familiar?

We would love to see your pics and hear your stories pertaining to handbag nightmares so comment below!


About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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