Horrific tales of Horrifying Horror

Author Adam Wallace | Illustrator Kat Fox

Note from the author:

“Greetings from Adam Wallace. I Like music. Golf, naps and… HORROR STORIES!!! And so, I present to you 6 stories so scary they…no I can’t say it.

What can I say is read the WARNING and my poem. Then, and only then, should you read the stories. You have been warned. Read on…if you dare!!!”

Age: 8-10 year old’s



Would You Rather?

Author James Layton | Illustrator Kat Fox

About the book:

“Would You Rather…a Hose for a Nose or 26 Toes?… Onions for Eyes or Cauliflower Ears? Would You Rather…to Slip on a Cake or Stand on a Rake?

Who doesn’t love a good old game of ‘Would You Rather’…?

Get set for some hilarious nonsensical FUN as you choose between two equally silly scenarios at the turn of every page!”

Age: 2-6 year old’s



Bringing a smile through colour and line!