If you’re bringing up a couple of Rembrandts and you love that they’re showing their creativity by fingerpainting on every available surface, you’ll probably need to know how to get painted or crayoned masterpiece, or both, out of the carpet. Perhaps you’ve already tried to remove the results of a burst of creative energy from your little darlings but had no luck? Maybe someone is painting and decorating a room and dropped a loaded brush? We have the answers for you in the following list of painting accidents and cures.

How to Treat Wet Paint

The first thing you probably want to do is start scrubbing and trying to blot it up – DON’T – no matter how panicked you are about the spill, instead, simply lay paper towels (don’t press them down) over the wet paint splatter for a few minutes and let it soak up as much as possible. Then keep on doing it until there’s no paint left. Most of the pain will have been removed, and the paint will have dried. Leave the rest of the operation until the next morning and then follow the steps below to remove the dried paint.

Some stains are harder than others to get out of carpet fibres. If there’s an occasional paint spill from your kid’s art project, the good news is that paint is easier to deal with than many other spills, so you can relax, follow the tips below and then call in the expert carpet cleaners.

Removing Dried Paint

There are a few different ways to remove dried paint, and for both methods, you’ll need a knife or a razor and either nail polish remover or WD40. These can be used as quick fixes until the expert carpet cleaners can come and finish the job.

●     If you’re using nail polish remover:

Apply the nail polish remover to the dried paint spill on the carpet and dab it with a fresh coat every other minute or so until the paint’s colour starts to fade. Once this happens, dab the stain with a cloth moistened with cold water, and if the stain is still visible, be sure to call in the carpet cleaning professionals and discuss your options for removal of the remaining paint.

●     If you’re using WD-40:

This handy product deserves a place in all homes and vehicles – it’s a great way to clean off to dry paint from carpet fibres, and comes in an aerosol spray can and since it is a lubricant it can break down paint and some other spills. Just spray it gently on the dried paint stain and leave it for half an hour, then with a cloth scrub the stain until you see it coming away in little pieces onto the rag. Scrub hard and keep going until the pain has gone. Then vacuum the carpet thoroughly but if the stain remains, call in the experts!

●     If you use a knife or razor:

The first thing is to remember to be very careful when doing this, but you can try gently picking the dry paint off the carpet fibres with a sharp knife. But first, scrub the stain with vigour using a dry rag to break up the paint and after you’ve removed as much as you can, vacuum up any bits of paint left.

 Notes on removing all kinds of stains