I bloomin’ know how bedtime can be a stomach-churning experience. LBH if you are well planned and prepared it really can work. As long as you can be calm and be in the right mindset this will work (I PROMISE)

HERE I have created my top five tips on…“How to set the scene for making kids bedtime stress free”


Bright light over stimulating their senses, so for bedtime stories, you’ll need enough light to read by low enough for the feeling of candlelight…preparing them for sleepy time. Bedside lamps 15W are perfect…Diffused light is better than some lampshades where the light is directed up and down…too bright. Torches can be fun too…especially when you read to them under the covers…


soft string lights add pops of colour and soft ambience at night


Use plump pillows and cushions that create a feel of a story nook for reading to them. Often getting them involved in decorating their rooms, or selecting the bed-linen can help them to feel positive about their own spaces.  They will want to go to bed.

Plump cushions add lots of colour.


Make sure that the room temperature is just right. The Bed linen you choose needs to be 100% cotton, this is breathable and your child will not overheat during the night. Some brands of children’s bed linen prefer to use Polyester/cotton blends, might be a cheaper option, but be careful do you really want your child to sleep under a plastic bag all night?



yes keep the mood calm remember kids love cubbies, picture books with bold colourful illustrations, feeling protected and safe. Sometimes I drape LMFC’s flat sheet, hook it to the top of the blind, and fashion a bed canopy over the top end of her bed. I encourage her to choose three of her cuddly friends to join us for story time, leaping into the world of her beautiful imagination and dreams.

Ava love’s making cubbies over her bed.


climb in under the covers snuggle in tight with two or three books and begin sharing that special moment. I urge you to giggle, chatter about the pictures and NEVER forget to end with cuddles, kisses and “Sleep tight my sweet, love you my darling”

Kids bedtime routines
Me sharing a special moment with Little Miss Foxy…


Please feel free to add in the comments your own tips to share…


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Colouring book freebie