Aahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ‘ SCHOOL DRESS UP DAYS  we all remember them fondly as kids but now as mothers those words strike panic and fear in our hearts.

Last term it was the school sports colours day. Achievable if your child is in Blue or Red house but a bloody nightmare if your little darling is in Yellow or Green house because the latter are just about never in fashion and deservedly so. You might find something from the 80’s at the op shop if you’re lucky. Then again you might be popping an adult’s size 18 tee on your 6-year-old and calling it a dress. That’ll do…get out the door we’re late!

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My son Harrison in the final creation Wheres Wally style!!

This term however it’s the ‘Where’s Wally ‘ walk-a-thon day where you guessed it, the kids have to dress like Wally. There’s a reason he’s called Wally and it’s all to do with his horrid fashion sense! Needless to say, you aren’t going to just stroll into Kmart or Target and find a red and white striped long sleeve tee sitting there at the right price to be worn once by your darling child.

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The quickest mum off the mark shoots off to Vinnies the day the costume announcement is made. She finds something if not a little large but it fits woopie! Too bad if you’re one of the parents of the rest of the 800 kids at school all looking for a costume in the same country town.

Some are lucky and have Nannas who can knit up a beanie overnight, many don’t.

The experiences…

A good friend of mine experienced visiting seven….yes SEVEN Op shops and still coming out empty-handed. The most amazing thing is that she managed to do this with her winging 2-year-old in tow…OMG, I feel she deserves a fricken medal!!!

With regards myself, as sick as a dog, I sewed a beanie and painted red stripes on a white shirt during my lunch break after chugging some cough syrup to wash down my flu meds and multivitamins.

wheres wally, dress ups, costume, book week.In conclusion…

We can all tell you where Wally is…he’s at the bloody Nut-house visiting all the mothers that have been driven bonkers trying to dress their kids for ‘School dress up’ days.

Seriously schools, can we have Homer Simpson as a mascot please because we can all do a white tee and blue jeans and hey, no one is going to complain about the doughnut thing… everyone loves a good doughnut!

I will say that the schools have managed to get one ‘School dress up’ day right; PYJAMA DAY. No arguing with the kids to get dressed 500 times, no hunting for lost socks, no waiting for the dryer to finish of the uniforms you forgot to put in last night.  Just get them out of bed, shove their Uggs on and push them out the door with a piece of Vegemite toast. Done. Why heck, I’ll even get onboard and take them to school in my own PJs, why not?!

Ahhh, stress freeee……

Signing off ……

PINKY Wittingslow (Fellow Creative Mama)…Mama friend and colleague of Kat of Kat & Fox

Added comment by Kat

Love this blog post thank you Pinky!!! Another idea being is to befriend the mothers who have the natural passion and ability, unlike myself..  l’lI admit this is where I am at for dear old ‘SCHOOL DRESS UP DAYS ‘.  Here is the secret: the offer is given to take on creating the costume for your child as your child is the best friend of their child and their child will not dress up unless she matches my child!!!! Very grateful to my dear friend Amy for this!!!!

Little Miss Foxy and her BFF love being Wanda!!

Let us know your experiences of school dress up days in the comments below……

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Pinky is a textile and graphic designer…She is currently setting up her own small creative business ‘Crafty Possums’ where she hand dyes her own yarns and screen prints fabric offering wondrous crafty activities and supplies for kids young and old….

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