LBH birthing humans takes its toll on your physical womanly form..resulting in post baby body insecurities…

You feel happy in your skin until that day you open the wardrobe.  It’s then you realise that your collections of skirts, dresses and your trusty capris’ have all shrunk.

Yes, this was I two weeks ago. It was as if during the indulgent hot summer months floating around in loose fitting and oh so forgiving BOHO dresses I was oblivious to the fact that my physical form had changed.


It was a DRESS that changed it all for me…
I felt ashamed…what had I become?


I had to take action…

In denial, I pulled, tugged, pinched and squeezed…the pain was unreasonable. It reminded me of shoving ill-fitting sleeping bags into their tiny compact outer casings. Finally, you are left with the ever maddening overspill or overhang.

I was a dwindling mess “FFS its now getting cooler I MUST HAVE my winter wardrobe…Why have you done this to me? WTF am I going to wear?”

I yearn to be like my Little Miss Foxy with pink PJ bums, Tutu, Micky-mouse T-shirt topping it off with fabulous yellow gumboots stepping out for the day not a care in the world.  Kids’ amaze me, they don’t care what people think, so why do I? OMG, I am so F #*ing sensitive regarding the opinions of others and it gets you nowhere!

It was time to make a pact with myself

” I NEVER want my little girl to experience what I have been through struggling with poor body image and self-sabotageI must lead by example!“ SO I took a deep breath sunk my hand into the snugly packed wardrobe final decision being whatever item I pulled out I would make it work.

There she was…as if a halo had appeared around her…THE (perfect) DRESS…

the perfect dress

It’s one of those seamless moments where everything bloody worked. The dress slipped over my head and clung to my body perfectly.  I’m not sure where this dress had originated from, but I have since ROCKED that dress four times over, (washing it in between) every time I feel beautiful, powerful, happy and my Little Miss foxy agree’s…Guess what? It’s not a loose fitting Moo Moo it’s a tailored wrap dress with bold patterns that define my womanly curves and makes my soul sing.

body image qoute

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