Semi-Custo’s were created to make the Kattertastic illustrations available at a competitive price point and with a quicker turnaround. Kat has pre-created illustrations that are turned into high quality prints. The customised part is where Kat hand draws the personalised element back into the print. So there you have it HALF CUSTOMISED = SEMI-CUSTO.

All the prints use acid free archive paper and vibrant inks. Then Kat adds in the personalisation using pencil and watercolour paint. All this carefully put together to create a product that will last the test of time.

You simply select from one of our illustration templates. Then add in the personal touch:

How does it work?

Name arts:  

Add an initial, name or any text. Select the colour for the text.


Upload a photo of the child. Kat will incorporate their unique features into the Character. 

You end up with a high quality, unique and beautifully presented gift, all at an affordable price.