Little Miss Foxy Cub the last of my three babies was two when she transitioned from the cot to a single bed. Previous traumatic attempts with my boys had left a bad taste… Like me, Little Miss Foxy was a nervous but determined little girl in comparison to her bolshy older brothers!

Knowing this and with my super power of recounting incidents from my past, I had to be cautious. One million years ago I recall being terrified as I was dumped in a big bed for the first time, my parents engaged in a crude sink or swim method of transition.

This left little me afraid of the dark; gripping onto my parents for dear life and repeatedly escaping downstairs nightly…drove my poor parents batty!  I’ll be brutally honest I don’t have the patience for that bull crap adding to that I am very selfish and enjoy the ME time!! Kid FREE time.


SO now let me share what I chose to do with LMFC in five FOXERTASTIC tips:


 So much newness in their little lives. Pick a time where nothing like the birth of a new baby, moving house, death in the family, divorce or illness is an occurrence. Two to three years old is when they are ready and starting to scramble out of their cot.

TIP (2) PREPARE THEM or suffer

Show them how their little buddies are now in big beds. This excites them making it an adventure to be had!

TIP (3) SET A ROUTINE or drive yourself to drink

I favour bath time, snuggles on the sofa, teeth clean, that all-important storybook, one butterfly kiss, three nose rubs and a huggle! “Sleep tight…see you in the morning when the dogs are yawning”

TIP (4) SLOWLY WINS THE RACE step it out…


TIP (5) MAKE THE ROOM A SPACE THEY LOVE not a bland prison cell.

Ensure their room is engaging and kid focused. Surround them with everything they love. Select quality bed linen that will move with them from cot through to single bed. Create calming and cosy spaces to help them to calm enough to relax into that all important sleep time.

LMFC sleep tight baby girl xxxx


Please feel free to add in the comments your own tips to share…

About the Author

Kat is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger,  interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. In her whimsical humorous way, she explores all topics related to the many sides of motherhood and parenting little angels on her blog.

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